In 1919, the Oklahoma Association of the Blind was established to promote the general welfare of blind and/or visually impaired individuals. Later, the Association was renamed the Oklahoma Federation of the Blind, and once again to its current name, the Oklahoma Council of the Blind.
The purpose of this organization is:

    1. * To represent the interests of its members, individually and collectively, in order to assist them in the obtaining of maximum security, benefits, and protection;


    1. * To cooperate with and encourage public and private agencies and instrumentalities in their programs of economic, rehabilitation, assistance, education, and social adjustment;


    * To do all other acts necessary and incidental to the achievement of these purposes; and to do all other lawful things.

Some of the ongoing Federal legislative activities of the OCB include advocacy related to Rehabilitation Act amendments, funding for rehabilitation and education of the blind, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Fair Housing Amendments of 1988, the Civil Rights Restoration Act, the Air Carrier’s Access Act, the Technology Assistance Act, funding for Free Matter, the Americans with Disabilities Act, funding for independent living services for older blind and many other measures affecting the blind.

There are many advantages to being involved with the Oklahoma Council of the blind. These would include giving you the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other individuals and professionals, the ability to improve the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired people, information concerning up to date transportation and legislative trends, and, learning to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The Oklahoma Council of the Blind is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, and within the state of Oklahoma, we have four affiliates: Heartland Council of the Blind in Oklahoma City, Tulsa Council of the Blind in Tulsa, Lawton Council of the Blind in Lawton and Duncan Council of the Blind in Duncan.

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