From the President

From the President
Welcome to the Oklahoma Council of the Blind Website,
We hope you find items of interest on our site. The Council is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of blind or visually impaired Oklahomans. Whether you come from a rural or metropolitan area, whether you are currently losing your sight or have been blind or visually impaired all of your life, whether you are young or old, or whether you are currently working, a student or retired, this organization comprised of volunteers needs you.
The Oklahoma Council of the Blind has five chapters across Oklahoma and we are always looking for more chapter outreach activities.
The Council is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind and, like us is consumer-driven and is eager to meet your needs.
OCB is a consumer, advocacy organization with a mission of protecting and promoting the rights of people who are blind or visually impaired. How do we do this? Below are a few examples.
· We form personal relationships with our state and national legislators to advocate and protect the equality of the blind population through expanded public transportation accessibility, promote and advocate for the support and success of the Americans with Disabilities Act, train and intervene in increased employment, housing, rehabilitation services for the blind, encourage the use of modern technology for continued access to information on the internet, in the workplace, on smart phones, etc.
• OCB members participate in four quarterly Board meetings which are open to all.
• We host an annual convention where we bring in national and local speakers to talk about web accessibility, technology, legislative issues, recreational opportunities for the blind, etc.
• The OCB was responsible, through a massive advocacy effort and personal relationships with Oklahoma Legislators, in creating the Department of Rehabilitation Services, Visual Services as a distinct and separate agency.
• We are here to answer your questions about how to cope with losing your vision and where to go to get help.
• Our members serve on many private and public boards to give input on blindness issues and to make our voices known.
• OCB periodically sponsors coping with vision loss, leadership and advocacy training and much more.
• If we do not know the answer to a question, you can rest assured someone will get back to you.
We want to know you better. Your input is important to us. We welcome new thoughts about how our organization can better assist our members.
We also like to help the community with public awareness events to educate the community in general through events such as Beeping Easter Egg Hunts, White Cane Awareness Day in October, visiting theaters and museums, playing technology and board games together, etc. We love to give back to the community through working Salvation Army projects, partnering with the Lions of Oklahoma and assisting many more community entities.
We are a membership organization and our goal is to support you wherever you are in life. You matter and so does your family.
Please take time to explore our website and feel free to contact anyone on the OCB Board. I personally look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me via email at or by phone at (405) 740-6227.
Thank you for listening.
Lynn (Vicky) Golightly, President
Oklahoma Council of the Blind,
An affiliate of the American Council of the Blind