Gordan P. Stephens and Leroy F. Saunders Award Guidelines

The Gordon P. Stephens Award guidelines:

The Gordon P. Stephens Award was originally established by the Oklahoma Federation of the Blind (now the Oklahoma Council of the Blind) to honor and memorialize a long time member of OCB. His kind, generous, unassuming manner graced the lives of many blind people within and outside of the organization. The following guidelines have been established for selection of the recipient of this award:

(1)    This award shall be conferred only at such time as a fully qualified and deserving candidate is selected. (Not on a regular basis).

(2) The recipient of the award shall be an individual, or individuals, whose voluntary services to blind persons and/or organizations of and for the blind have been meritorious, unselfish, and without personal remuneration.

(3) The President of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind shall appoint an Awards Committee consisting of a chairman and two additional members of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind; and

(4) The Committee shall select a recipient of this award not less than thirty days prior to the Oklahoma Council of the Blind Annual Convention at which the award is to be conferred. The committee may use its discretion in notifying the recipient in advance of the presentation. A plaque or some other appropriate item shall be selected by the committee as a tangible recognition of the award.

An award nomination form will be accompanied by a letter enumerating the qualifications of the candidate. The nomination shall further be supported by two additional letters of recommendation.


The Oklahoma Council of the Blind instituted the LeRoy Saunders award in 2002. This award is in honor of Mr. Leroy Saunders who contributed a lifetime of dedicated effort in promoting the abilities of individuals who are blind and to improve their quality of life. His professional endeavors expanded employment opportunities for Oklahomans who are blind. His national advocacy role through active participation in the American Council of the Blind and the President’s Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled exemplifies his lifelong achievements in the field of blindness.

The guidelines for nominations are as follows:

Nominees for this prestigious award shall demonstrate extraordinary effort in promoting employment and advocacy activities, which promotes the abilities of Oklahomans who are blind.

1. Any person employed and/or residing within the State of Oklahoma is eligible. The award may be made posthumously provided that death has not taken place more than twelve months prior to the nomination.

2. Persons nominated for the award should be considered carefully.

The person must have made some outstanding contribution to services in the field of work for the blind. The nominee should be selected solely on merit and performance. Any member of OCB in the state is eligible to submit the name of a nominee.

3. Nominations shall be submitted on a form provided on the OCB website and supporting statements should adequately justify the person’s nomination.

4. A person who has retired or resigned from his employment or volunteer services may be nominated provided that they have left within five years of nomination.

Nominations for these two awards need to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the convention.

Past recipients:

Gordon P. Stephens
2022-Tom Love
2021-Debbie Sanders
2019-Frances Poindexter
2018-Chris Brown
2017-Linda Moore

Leroy F. Saunders
2022-Jerrod Gleason
2019-Dr. Jean Hausheer



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